On behalf of the Hope Center, thank you for your support, prayers,
and hours of help!  Together we do greater!


Rev. Scott Powell - President

Rev. Mike McGovney - Vice President

Stephanie Becker - Secretary

Hope Center Director - Pamela Ford

Board Members:  Sheryl White, Jeanette Siemens, Tiffany Ailstock, Tim Branscom, Glenna Borho, Porter Loomis, Marsha Stineman, Karen Pinkall, David Schmidt

About us

The Hope Center of Pratt, KS began as a long conversation with the Pratt County Ministerial Alliance about how we address needs in our community.  Quickly, there was an overwhelming sense that we did not always have the adequate means and training to effectively help people.  We began to research other organizations in our area that DID have the training and resources...and there were MANY!  However, there seemed to be a disconnect amongst us all...we were not only unaware of each other, but we were also unaware of HOW we each fit within the greater picture.  The concept of the Hope Center was established to coordinate, encourage, support and nurture these resource groups, coordinating all of us in a partnership that could come alongside individuals in need and present them with REAL HOPE and REAL HELP!




The Hope Center is organized for the purpose of coordinating charitable groups and/or resources, and coordinating and providing resources for the benefit of disadvantaged individuals and families of the greater Pratt, Kansas area.


“A coordinated and partnered approach to serving our community and meeting the needs of individuals and families.”


Sometimes  LIFE  can seem